We pride ourselves on providing our customers the best cannabis the state of Oregon has to offer.


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As a Clean Green Certified Marijuana Dispensary, consumers can have greater confidence when buying cannabis or a cannabis product from us that it was grown fair-trade and sustainability, without the use of synthetic pesticides. We also consider the environment in everything we do –  from compostable and glass packaging with reusable exit bags to reclaimed wood furnishings, Gorge Greenery strives to stay mindful for the sake of our consumers and our surroundings.


Clean Green Certified Medical Marijuana

The Clean Green Certified program is comprised of three parts: a legal compliance review, a review of the manner in which the medicine is grown, and a standard agricultural crop inspection. Taken together, the program helps to ensure a grower’s legal compliance as well as distinguishing the quality of the product from others available to qualified patients.

Clean Green Certified is a program modeled on the USDA National Organic Program, ensuring environmentally clean and sustainable methods. Clean Green inspects all inputs, from seed or clone selection, soil, nutrients, pesticides, mold treatments, dust control, and source of electricity, to methods of harvesting and processing.

This program reduces the environmental impact of cannabis crops, ensures legality, and regulates what chemicals go into ingested medicine. A certified operation is licensed to use the Clean Green Certified label on their products after an annual review requiring yearly on-site inspections and third party laboratory testing.


SoFresh Farms (Clean Green Certified)

In 2010 sofresh farms formally began its journey to, "promote health through the regenerative cultivation and delivery of exceptional quality cannabis". Owners Michelle and Tyson Haworth first joined the OMMP as Patient and Grower after Michelle's second back surgery a few years earlier. Unsatisfied with doctor promotion and wide acceptance of harmful prescription drugs, sofresh seeks to find a more socially and environmentally healthy alternative. Their small family farm, located in the agriculturally rich North Willamette Valley, has established and maintained industry leading quality, social and environmental standards.

All sofresh products are created using minimal energy inputs; compostable and recyclable materials are given top priority. Waste is food, rain and de-humidification water is captured and stored on-site then used as the farm's primary irrigation source. Waste indoor cultivation heat is captured to provide heat for greenhouses. Worm castings and compost combine with locally sourced nutrients and no-till cultivation techniques to make minerally balanced and biologically thriving soil. Plant positive IPM programs are a must, the farm relies on predatory pests, fungus and nematodes for the pest management blueprint. 100% locally owned and operated, sofresh chooses to invest in coworker education, pay a living wage, provide healthcare benefits and retirement savings for its employees while also giving back to the local community.

The farm is regularly featured in magazine and news articles for the company's leading social, environmental and politcal practices. Chief Executive Farmer, Tyson Haworth actively engages local and national politicians to support positive changes to cannabis laws -- de-schedule cannabis! Tyson is regularly asked to speak about advanced regenerative growing techniques and business practices. In July of 2014 sofresh was among Oregon's first batch of Clean Green Certified farms, a national cannabis industry version of USDA Organic certification. sofresh continues to lead the way in developing regenerative farming systems focused on creating clean healthy cannabis while doing good for the local environment, people and economy.

At sofresh we are working to create socially empowering cannabis careers for local communities, while sequestering carbon with every gram of cannabis enjoyed.


EAST FORK CULTIVARS (clean green certified)

East Fork Cultivars is a small family farm started by two brothers.  Starting out, we (Nathan and Aaron Howard) had one goal in mind: grow a superior plant medicine to help relieve our oldest brother and his range of medical conditions. It was witnessing the positive effects of high-CBD cultivars that drove our desire to expand, so we could provide all Oregonians with the same superior medicine—and in turn to purchase East Fork Ranch.

Our commitment to both community and high-CBD cultivars has given us a sense of place and pride. It's our mission to develop and preserve sustainable sungrown farming methods to produce the highest quality organic CBD cannabis with a resolute commitment to environmental and social responsibility.

Located in Southern Oregon, between the pristine waters of the East Fork of the Illinois River and the Siskiyou Wilderness, is the small town of Takilma; the heart of the world’s best outdoor cannabis. Here, on a small family farm, is where all of our cannabis is organically grown. As an OLCC Licensed and Clean Green Certified farm we create a balanced and healthy ecosystem by caring for the soil, the water, the air, and introduce plant partners for optimal symbiosis. We strive to have a positive impact on the environment in which we live and grow, on the people in our community, and on the people who rely on our products.


Otis Gardens

Otis Gardens grows only top shelf, ultra pure cannabis.  Product consistency, artisan cultivation and outstanding quality are the core values guiding our dedicated staff to deliver this superior brand to you.

Located in the lush Hood River Valley, our indoor garden resides in the shadow of majestic Mount Hood. Our spring fed hydroponic gardens use only the safest organic pest control methods and are lit with local renewable energy.  We at Otis Gardens have an uncompromising commitment to growing the highest quality cannabis.  No step is spared in producing the very best.  Our perpetual gardens are built with our plants’ comfort in mind including stereo speakers in every room.

Because plants just want to rock.


PHoenix Rising Farms (Clean Green certified)

We are a family farm and business located in southern Oregon, in a turn-of-the-century estate.

A Clean Green Certified farm, with almost 30 years combined experience in cannabis farming, with focus on growing quality, high-grade flower and connoisseur strains, using sustainable practices and responsible agriculture (little impact, small carbon footprint).

We DO NOT use liquid nutrients -- only compost -- in the form of live home-brewed compost teas from raw, natural materials, sourced directly from our land or local farms.

Living soil --> life --> healthy plants --> best results



The Yerba Buena farm is located on 29 acres of lush, fertile land tucked into a serene valley at the base of Oregon’s coastal range. It is in this idyllic place that we find so much to be grateful for.

We believe that farming comes with responsibility. It means being good to oneself, to one another, and to the earth. We believe in sustainable growing methods, earth friendly practices, and participating in the community that surrounds us.

What we enjoy most is growing and producing cannabis products that are predictable, dependable and safe. In this way, we bring balance, enjoyment and healing to the lives of those who choose the “Good Herb”.

fox hollow flora

Fox Hollow Flora is a premium cannabis producer south of Eugene, Oregon.  We have been providing high quality flowers to medical dispensaries in the Eugene area since 2013.  Our mainstay dispensary is Amazon Organics in south Eugene, as we believe it is important we keep the neighborhood economy close.  Our flowers took First Place Indoor Flower at Eugene's GanjaCup in both 2015 and 2016.  We won First Place in the People’s Choice category at the GanjaCup in Portland. We were also nominated for Best Indoor Grow at the Dope Industry Awards 2016, presented by Dope Magazine.  Our goal is to maintain responsible growth and continue exploring ways to understand our plants, our genetics, and our bar for excellence. 


We are excited you have chosen Gorge Greenery as a potential dispensary to showcase all of your hard work! We pride ourselves on providing our customers the best cannabis the state of Oregon has to offer.

A few guidelines to consider before you bring samples:

  • A valid OLCC growers license is required for all intakes.

  • We have a no tolerance pesticide policy. We require extended pesticide screenings beyond the basic compliancy test. Consumer health is second to none for us.

  • All samples MUST be tested through OLCC accredited labs . We have a trusted working relationship with these labs and have seen the first hand care, integrity, and high standards they adhere to.

  • We require samples to be trimmed neat and tidy. Shaggy, unloved, machine trimmed cannabis will not be accepted.

  • Feel free to contact us if you are meet our requirements!

Appointments must be made in advance, our appointment days are Tuesday and Wednesday.


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