Google User: Robin Allen - Portland

"Gorge Greenery is not only one of the coolest dispensaries we have been to but always one of the most welcoming and professional! The staff is extremely knowledgeable and has the true intent to help you pick the strain that is perfect for your need and the strains to pick from are of high quality and very diverse. You can tell the owners have been meticulous and focused on making sure that the choices they have made from decor to logo to product are ones that not only they can be proud of but their customers can be proud of too! We highly recommend visiting and supporting this fantastic and chill location!"


Weedmaps User: kellyinor

"Not only is this place beautiful inside, it is also conveniently located on Oak Street in Hood River. The staff are all really nice and super knowledgable about everything they carry. But what really makes this place stand out from other dispensaries is the quality of their product. Very high grade, and many varieties to choose from...it's a great place to visit, learn about different strains, and trying something new... you won't be sorry!!"

Leafly User: SteezeWeasle

"Wow. What a breath of fresh air! Beautiful store and amazing customer service. It is very apparent the folks running this shop really care about their customers and the pot they sell which, incidentally, is Amazing!!! Some of the cleanest burning and highest (pun intended) quality herb to be had in OR. Definitely my new go-to spot."

Google User: Michelle G

"If you have any questions about cannabis being a legitimate business that can thrive as a positive community influence, you should visit Gorge Greenery yourself. Everything about this boutique says "professional, responsible, intelligent". The gorgeous decor, excellent product selection (also pesticide-free and sustainably packaged) knowledgeable and friendly staff...even the educational sessions they're planning to provide...this shop is in a class all its own. You will not be disappointed." 

Google User: Courtney L - portland

"Best cannabis dispensary in Hood River. They care about the product they sell and I love their reclaimed wood, eco friendly decor! It's the only place in town that doesn't feel 'medical', and is actually nice to just browse hang out.

Leafly User: JodiBird88

“Variety of products is great, and I was super impressed by the quality. the location is very convenient. I am especially appreciative of the sustainability focus and clean products. ”

Google User: Jacqueline T - hood river

"Best dispensary in Hood River! A great location and space, they are vigilant about pesticide-free product and sustainable packaging. They also have a high quality selection of cannabis products and a knowledgeable staff."

Leafly User: HoodyMHF

“As a person dealing with chronic pain I often struggle to find anyway to manage my overall pain and inflammation, let alone treat a specific localized area of pain. I was able to tell my story. I was listened to. I was respected. I felt very comfortable, and not at all pressured to buy anything, as i was being introduced to many new options for managing my specific pain and inflammation issues. I felt like educating me was just as important as finding the right thing - if not more important. In the end what i left with was a pain balm. What i returned with was a huge smile and a sincere thank you for helping me choose a product that when applied that very first night, gave me something i hadn't felt in five years. i was pain free. What an amazing and healthful alternative. I cannot thank you enough. My hat's off to an amazing staff - creating an incredible environment for healing, health and happiness.”

Google User: Marla L

"Love the Local Hood River marijuana dispensary. They have Great cannabis and a super knowledgeable professional staff. Thanks for all the advice!"


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Leafly User: brendonsmith1

"Okay, this is the only the 2nd dispensary I've been to but it will certainly be one that I will always remember. The staff, extremely welcoming and educated. The store, perfectly professional and quaint. You cannot drive through this town without visiting them and experiencing the laid-back Oregonian culture this store provides. Seriously, go out of your way to visit them."

Weedmaps User: jkl437

"The staff here is extremely knowledgeable and friendly. Additionally, they are the only shop in town that provides completely pesticide free product. They have the highest standards in town, which means the absolute best stuff! I also love the attention they pay to re-usable & compostable packaging. Definitely the best shop in the Gorge for product, selection, quality, and atmosphere."

Leafly User: CannabisGrowerHR - hood river

“My favorite new dispensary in Hood River. Very inviting and helpful. It's a unique spot that allows anyone in the front room where they have a good selection of pipes and other paraphernalia. They are very "green" in that there is no plastic and all their bud is tested for pesticides. Would HIGHLY recommend.”

Google User: David T. -

The Dalles

"Local Hood River marijuana dispensary that has the highest quality in town. Cannabis with no pesticides or chemicals and a helpful staff. I would recommend them as the best dispensary in the gorge."

Weedmaps User: gorgedstoner - Hood river

"Best dispensary I've been to.... and I've been to a lot! Conveniently located right downtown Hood River with HIGH quality products. Super friendly and knowledgeable staff. You have to check this place out.... Beautiful decor, clean, and very inviting with top notch buds. This is a MUST see when traveling through the Gorge."

Leafly User: GorgeGirl11

“Fantastic! Favorite stop in Hood River. The staff is incredibly knowledgeable and happy to spend as much time as necessary to answer every question and make sure you walk out with exactly what you're looking for- or better! I'm always so happy when I try something new-they certainly know their marijuana! The defining factor (making this my favorite store) is the owner and staff know the difference between CBD, CBG, and CBN as well as their mechanisms of action. That is why I can go home and finally make the pain stop. What a blessing.”

Inyanga Tincture Consumer

"I was diagnosed with thyroid cancer when I was 21 and my entire thyroid was removed followed by radiation. In early 2016 (ten years after my initial diagnosis), doctors found a nodule where my thyroid had been removed and lab work showed an elevated tumor marker hormone level. Thyroid cancer has a high recurrence rate and it looked like the cancer might have come back. The nodule was too small to biopsy to know for sure, so my doctors opted to wait 3 months then check again for any growth or changes. Several months prior I had also started experiencing severe abdominal pains, lower back pain, nausea and lack of appetite. My doctors were also exploring possibilities of Crohn's Disease, IBD, and endometriosis. I've suffered from migraines since I was 6 years old and last year started using Inyanga Farms CBD Tincture for really brutal migraines which were occurring a few times a month every month. The CBD tincture is a powerful elixir when I need to crawl into a dark room and knock out the pain and nausea, but isn't practical for me for functional day time use. A few months ago, I started using Inyanga Farms CBD Max 9:1 Tincture during the day for abdominal and gastrointestinal pain and nausea on a daily basis. In addition to ameliorating the abdominal pain and suppressing my nausea, I was also migraine free for 3 months. But the most exciting effect of the CBD Max is that I recently had my thyroid cancer check-up and the nodule was gone and the tumor marker hormone level was undetectable! I'm sure my doctor won't say for certain that the CBD tincture contributed to the disappearance of the nodule and lowering the tumor marker hormone levels, but I can say for certain that Inyanga Farms' CBD line has positively changed my life. A friend of mine also recently found a nodule in her thyroid and I will be sharing this medicine with her. I can't recommend Inyanga Farms' medicine more highly and their CBD tinctures are must haves in my daily health regimen. Thank you Inyanga Farms for making this medicine and sharing it with Oregon!"


“Super friendly, knowledgeable staff. Great location right off fwy, reasonably priced. I will defiantly be going back.”