What is the purpose of legalizing recreational marijuana in Oregon?

According to Measure 91, the purpose of the Act is to:

  • Eliminate the problems caused by the prohibition and uncontrolled manufacture, delivery, and possession of marijuana within this state;

  • Protect the safety, welfare, health, and peace of the people of this state by prioritizing the state’s limited law enforcement resources in the most effective, consistent, and rational way;

  • Permit persons licensed, controlled, regulated, and taxed by this state to legally manufacture and sell marijuana to persons 21 years of age and older, subject to the provisions of this Act;

  • Ensure that the State Department of Agriculture issues industrial hemp licenses and agricultural hemp seed production permits in accordance with existing state law;

  • Establish a comprehensive regulatory framework concerning marijuana under existing state law.

How much recreational marijuana can I purchase?

Anyone that has a valid ID that is 21 and over can purchase recreational marijuana at a dispensary. Retailers can only sell certain amounts to recreational customers at any one time or within one day.

·      1 oz of usable marijuana

·      5 grams of cannabinoid extracts or concentrates

·      16 oz of a cannabinoid product in solid form

·      72 fluid oz of a cannabinoid product in liquid form

·      10 marijuana seeds

· 4 immature plants

How much recreational marijuana can I possess?

As of July 1, 2015, Oregonians are allowed to grow up to four plants on their property, possess up to eight ounces of usable marijuana in their homes and up to one ounce on their person.

Is recreational marijuana taxed in Oregon?

Yes. There is a 17% state marijuana tax. Marijuana tax collected in Oregon goes directly back to the state and is distributed as follows.

  • 40% to Common School Fund

  • 20% to Mental Health Alcoholism and Drug Services

  • 15% to State Police

  • 10% to Cities for enforcement of legal marijuana

  • 10% to Counties for enforcement legal cannabis

  • 5% to Oregon Health Authority for alcohol and drug abuse prevention

The City of Hood River also taxes recreational marijuana. There is a 3% local Hood River City tax that goes directly to our community towards the general fund. This means that Gorge Greenery recreational marijuana sales will include 20% tax in total.

Yes, with limits. As of July 1, 2015, Oregonians can home grow up to four flowering plants per residence, regardless of how many people live in the residence.

Gorge Greenery sells clones during the outdoor planting season in spring, usually March through June. The dispensary carries cannabis seeds year round. Feel free to call, stop in, or view the menu on Leafly to see available strains.

Can I grow marijuana at home?

No. Marijuana cannot be smoked or used in a public place. The OLCC considers any establishment with a state liquor license to be public, including patios or decks set aside for smokers. In addition, smoking and vaping in most businesses is limited by the Indoor Clean Air Act.

Can I smoke marijuana in a bar/restaurant?

Yes. Driving under the influence of intoxicants (DUII) refers to operating a motor vehicle while intoxicated or drugged, including impairment from the use of marijuana. In addition, Chapter 475B requires OLCC to examine, research and present a report to the Legislature on driving under the influence of marijuana.

Can I get a DUI while under the influence of marijuana?

Can I fly with marijuana or drive with Oregon products across state lines?

Not legally. Even if the other state has legalized cannabis possession, it is still crossing interstate borders, which the federal government has jurisdiction over. Federal law still prohibits marijuana, so this would be illegal even if both states have legalized cannabis.