Grower Highlight: Trailhead Farms

Gorge Greenery now stocks flower from the local, small-batch farm Trailhead Farms. Located just on the edge of Hood River city limits, the Greenery was given a tour of Trailhead Farms. We got the inside look on how this Clean Green Certified farm is operated.


Dave, one of the founders of Trailhead, checks us in at the farm and gives us a lay of the land. Trailhead Farms has three greenhouses, with room to build one more for next season’s grow. "We're an organic grow." Dave says, as he points out that Trailhead is neighbors with other farmers. Their neighbors are multi-generational fruit farmers sticking to organic growing practices that resist spraying pesticides and fertilizers. They care about their crop, and so does Trailhead Farms.

Trailhead Farms is a Clean Green Certified grower, meaning that they have either met or exceeded a multitude of guidelines that ensures that the farm has a low impact on the environment. Now more than ever, we need more farms to adopt sustainable growing practices. Trailhead has solar panels mounted on their south-facing roofs with plans to install more. Their greenhouses act as water collectors. Any rainfall on the greenhouses drains into gutters and is saved in storage tanks onsite to be used for watering later. Simple solutions like these make a big difference in maintaining a sustainable grow.

Most of Trailhead's grow for the summer season has already been harvested, so the greenhouses sit nearly empty. That, however, doesn’t mean that their work is over.


"The soil is alive,” Dave says, "And we work hard to take care of it. It's what keeps the plant happy and healthy." Dave scoops up a handful of soil to show us, and it immediately becomes clear that “Alive” is the right word of choice. The dirt is soft, dark, and even has some worms here and there. It’s filled with plant and animal life, and that’s a good thing. Dave describes the cycles of nutrients that the farm will use to help nourish the soil and, in turn, the plant. Whole malted barley, kelp, and fish bone meal are just a few of the all-natural ingredients Trailhead utilizes to nourish the soil.

One thing that was clear to us on our tour of Trailhead Farms was their attention to detail. When you run a smaller operation, you spend more time focusing on every aspect of what it takes to grow quality, clean cannabis. Their hard work has paid off.


Electric Lemon, Kimbo Kush X Cookies and Cream, Double Tangie Banana, and Tiger Beat names only just a few of their strains grown this season. When you run a small grow operation, the quality of the flowers you grow is very noticeable. The flavors are more rich and diverse, the high is cleaner and more enjoyable, and the plant has a higher variety of cannabinoids.

Kimbo Kush X Cookies & Cream

Kimbo Kush X Cookies & Cream

Choosing your cannabis isn't just about how high the THC percentage is. It’s about how the plant is grown. We are proud to carry Trailhead Farms cannabis. They are a sustainable Hood River farm. They produce a quality crop that was grown with passion and care. We are huge fans of what they do. Locally grown with care, Trailhead Farms embodies what craft cannabis cultivation is all about.