Measure 14-62: Everything you need to know

Election day is just around the corner, and there is one measure on the ballot for Hood River County that has been raising some questions; Measure 14-62. We hope this blog can help clarify things and help you make an informed vote on November 6th.

Measure 14-62 votes on a 3% cannabis tax increase for Hood River County. The city of Hood River has already been collecting this tax.

Back when cannabis went recreationally legal in October of 2015, provisions were written into the law about how much it could be taxed. The state of Oregon imposed and collected a 17% tax on all cannabis sales. The measure also allowed cities and counties to collect an additional 3% tax on sales to be added to the general fund. This would keep revenues localized and not send everything off to the state. Most cities and counties voted on and approved this additional tax, including the City of Hood River. This raised the tax rate from 17% to 20% for all cannabis sales within city limits. However, this rate applied to the City of Hood River only. The tax increase was not proposed for the entirety of Hood River County.

Measure 14-62 would bring the 3% tax to the rest of Hood River County

Cannabis sales outside of Hood River city limits do not impose this additional 3% tax. Hood River County did not vote on this tax in the last election cycle and Measure 14-62 would incorporate the rest of the county. Measure 14-62 does not raise the tax rate beyond 20% within Hood River city limits. It simply applies a 3% tax county-wide and collects on cannabis sales made within all of Hood River County. Oregon law prohibits collecting more than 20% on cannabis revenue. Rates within Hood River city limits will not change.

Oregon law sets the limit for cannabis at 20%.

No city or county within the state can collect taxes on cannabis that puts the rate above 20%. No tax can collect more than 20% without having to change the law on a state level. Measure 14-62 simply catches the rest of the county up with the City of Hood River.

We hope this helps clarify some details about Measure 14-62 and helps you make an informed decision come November 6th. Come in to the shop any time if you have any more questions and don’t forget to VOTE!