Cannabis in Hood River: Our Top 3 Outdoor Spots to Enjoy Marijuana

On a beautiful summer day there’s nothing better than smoking cannabis under the beaming sun. Here’s our top three picks for locals’ favorite outdoor toking spots in Hood River.

Our first choice is a convenient local gem, treasured by Hood River residents. Enjoy a relaxing hike on the pipeline walkway along the rushing Hood River, just minutes from downtown. To access the trail, take highway 35 south for 0.2 miles. Look for a turnoff to the right that leads downhill. Once parked, there is an unmarked but obvious trail to follow west.  Explore along the scenic Hood River on the unique walkway set atop an inoperative pipeline. Look out for ladders leading down to the beaches to discreetly enjoy your cannabis while basking in the sun. If it’s the height of summer and the berries are ripened, pick a few for a light snack to enjoy with your marijuana. You can walk to the end of the pipeline walkway to savor your organic weed with a spectacular view of the Hood River. 

Our second choice offers a view of the Columbia River while relaxing on a soft, sandy beach. On windy days the east end of the sandbars provides entertainment by windsurfers, kiteboarders, and sailboats zipping across the river. To access the Hood River Marina Sandbar, take exit 64 from I-84 and turn left onto East Port Marina Drive. Simply follow signs directing you to the Marina Beach and walk out to the end end of the Sandbar for some privacy. 

Another fantastic location in Hood River to enjoy your recreational marijuana is the Hook at sunset. We recommend visiting on days when the wind is gentle, because it will be less congested with water sport enthusiasts, plus it will be easier to light your joint. Relax on a rock or log on the water’s edge and take in the scenery provided by the picturesque Columbia River Gorge. To access the Hood River Hook, take exit 63 and head west towards the waterfront park, turning left on Portway Avenue. Keep following this road until it ends.  

Enjoy your summer!

[Oregon State law does not permit smoking marijuana in public places.]