Gorge Greenery's Recycling Program

How amazing is it that we can simply walk into a dispensary and purchase any marijuana products we desire?! While we love this modern shopping experience, convenience comes at a steep environmental cost. An unfortunate side effect of the legal cannabis industry is the waste it creates. By law, each item must leave the dispensary in clean, child-resistant packaging. This means that there has been a significant increase in the amount of plastic filling our landfills. While much of this plastic packaging is technically recyclable in most areas, consumers often neglect to put it in the recycling bin or it is even sorted out during the single stream recycling process. In Hood River, plastics that can be recycled are especially limited. 

Gorge Greenery is committed to promoting sustainability and reducing the waste created by our beloved products. Therefore, we started a new program encouraging responsible recycling! Customers now have the opportunity to return their plastic packaging containers to Gorge Greenery in exchange for filling up a GG punch card for sweet discounts ($5 off any purchase and 20% off non-cannabis items). We will accept plastic joint tubes, edible containers, and other plastic items in addition to our glass jars and cloth exit bags. The returned plastic containers can be from any dispensary, not just Gorge Greenery. We have partnered with a reputable local Columbia River Gorge recycling company to make sure this marijuana packaging does not end up in a landfill. 

Thanks for doing your part to keep the cannabis industry green!