Gorge Greenery Reviews: Pineapple Diem from EVOLVD

It’s no secret: We’re big fans of the high-quality extract produced by EVOLVD Organics. EVOLVD’s cartridges are the best you can find in the Northwest, and we support this kind of quality in this industry.

It is quite commonplace in the cannabis industry to see innovation. This can be innovation in how you grow the plant. It can be innovation in how you cook or craft an edible. In EVOLVD’s case, there is innovation in how you vape.

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At the Greenery, we just got in the new line of EVOLVD Capsl500 cartridges. Each cartridge contains a half gram of EVOLVD’s renowned and award winning extract. Their extraction methods are utterly unmatched. No other cartridge has such a diverse profile of cannabinoids and terpenes that are found in the end product. For our review, we decided to take the Pineapple Diem out for a spin.

Pineapple Diem is a cross of Golden Pineapple and Mystery Haze, both strains grown by the revered cultivator Green Bodhi. If you remember Green Bodhi’s Golden Pineapple, that should be enough incentive for you to stop reading this review and go grab this cartridge right away. One of the most memorable traits of Green Bodhi’s flower is just how impressive it’s flavor and effect is, both of which are very apparent in Pineapple Diem.


This is where the Capsl500 variable airflow mechanism shines. The cap on the cartridge can be rotated. Rotating the cartridge opens up a small port on the top of the mouthpiece. Think of it as a carb for your vape pen. Opening the port allows more airflow for a smoother draw, diffusing much of the vaporized extract. Closing the port, makes for thicker, cloudier vapes, often accompanied by an immediate and strong effect. Be responsible, friends. A little bit goes a long way.

There is a truly organic and fresh taste to Pineapple Diem. After just one draw, we’re delightfully overwhelmed with is floral yet fruity taste. The effect is almost immediate. This is quite an upbeat strain! After enjoying a reasonable amount of the cartridge, which for some people is just one draw, we took a sunset stroll down to the Hood River sandbar. The Diem was definitely conducive to enjoying our walk. The colors of the sunset were inviting, the sand was soft, and the air was crisp with the cool fall air.  The evening, paired with Pineapple Diem, brought out the joys of all our days spent on the sandbar this summers past. However, we’re glad to feel the fall air as we watched the sun set on turning leaves. You could see them all the way down The Gorge.